We are so lucky to be close to four theatres. The famous Lyric where Liam Neeson started his career is the closest. The Opera House is only 15 minutes walk door to door. In between we have the Crescent Arts Centre and the new Accidental Theatre. We also have the QFT which is an Arts Film House nearby.

Lyric Theatre

The Lyric is near by in Stranmills just a short walk away from the Harrison. It is a full time producing theatre with many high quality eclectic mix of  Irish plays. Enjoy an evening performance or matinee where Liam Nesson started his career and remains patron of the theatre.

To read what Liam Neeson says about the Lyric click here

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The Grand Opera House

The Grand Opera House opened up 1895. The interiors are breathtakingly beautiful, According to the Theatre Trust, the "magnificent auditorium is probably the best surviving example in the United Kingdom of the oriental style applied to theatre architecture". Book tickets for touring west end shows, musicals and well known plays with big name actors.

Crescent Arts Centre

The centre hosts a wide range of arts and entertainment events. It is just near Queens University so it is very close to the Harrison. Events are often free or very good value for money. The building itself is beautiful, There is a plaque celebrating the life of Helen Lewis a holocaust survivor and choreographer who  worked and lived locally whose story is very interesting.

Accidental Theatre

Accidental is a fringe theatre in nearby Shaftesbury Square. Accidental walks the tightrope between the unexpected and the impossible, exploring the intersection between British narrative and European aesthetic styles of theatre. The pop up improv comedy nights are highly recommended.


Queen’s Film Theatre is a unique cultural venue with over 50 years of experience of bringing a high quality film experience to Belfast audiences. QFT is also a friendly, intimate cinema with a bar, It has excellent art house films, Look out for live screening of National Theatre productions which quickly sell out due to high demand.