Near the Harrison we are lucky to have so many green areas to enjoy!

Botanic Gardens

We are situated very close to Botanic gardens with its beautiful palm house, tropical ravine and of course the Ulster Museum. The gardeners always have beautiful floral displays and it is great for people watching. Being next door to Queen's University you have many international students and locals out socialising or walking their dogs.










Ormeau Park

If you pass through Botanic you can also turn left and cross the bridge to Ormeau Park a bigger green space with interesting local history linked with the Donegall family. It used to be a venue for Park run 5k until local restrictions stopped it.










Lagan Meadows

Also near the Harrison we have a beautiful nature reserve which has forest, meadows and a towpath by the river where you can watch birds and waterfowl. You go all the way to Lisburn on the towpath but it's very nice to stop at The Lock keepers cafe for some refreshments. There are so many routes and you can run all the way to Shawsbridge and even Belvoir park if you want to do much more long distance running in a beautiful location.









Run up the big hill at Stormont home to the NI Assembly and take some routes through the woodland. Not a run for those who like the flat.


Titanic Quarter

There is a vast area around the Titanic to enjoy. It is lovely to run or walk beside the sea with the gulls overhead and to enjoy the sights of the famous cranes Samson and Goliath and the ships in the docks. There is plenty of information plaques to read along the way if you aren't in a hurry.












Cave Hill

Both these routes are not for the faint hearted but are well worth the views when you reach the top. Impress your friends on Instagram and Facebook with your photos over the city. You will need a car for either of these locations.











Divis and Black Mountains

A national trust trail offers a spectacular view point with panoramic views over Belfast and beyond. On a clear day you can see the Scottish, Cumbrian and Welsh uplands rising from the horizon.

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