Bridgerton Interior Design Ideas We Love

The Netflix series Bridgerton did not scrimp when it came to lavish costumes for the characters and the house interiors were out of this world. At The Harrison we absolutely love the over the top maximilist interior design. We have some Bridgerton type pieces of our own to show you.

CS Lewis bookcase

Sleigh Beds

Who doesn't love to climb into a Sleigh Bed at the end of the day? We have some fabulous ones here of all colors and designs. They are the height of opulence, luxury and beauty. Many people have been dying to buy a Sleigh bed since the programme aired and they certainly offer a spectacular focal point to our bedrooms at The Harrison.

Bed in Yeats room

Pale Blue

Pale blue featured quite heavily in Bridgerton houses. We used light blues in our Swift and Yeats room to give a soft and romantic look.

The Jonathan Swift room

Chaise Longues

Having the perfect reading spot is so important and where best to finish that novel but on a chaise longue beside a grand bay window ? Soft pinks feature heavily in Bridgerton and we've used this color in the Yeats room. A chaise just adds an extra touch of elegance.

Chaise longue in the Yeats room

Classic Chandeliers

Our Aristocrat rooms have french style ballroom chandeliers which add oodles of glamour. They are so Bridgertonesque!

The Chandeliers in the Aristocrat rooms

Roman Blinds

Velvets in Roman blinds give a luxurious look. We chose fabrics with bold, artistic, floral patterns. At the Harrison we are fortunate to have extremely high ceilings and ornate cornicing to give the extra grandeur for our drapes.

Roman blind in the Percy French room

Ornate Mirrors

Add a an ornate mirror like the one we have in the Ruby Murray Suite.

Ruby Murray suite
Bath in Hans Sloane room

Freestanding Baths

A freestanding bath in the bedroom is the ultimate in indulgence. See our blog on the various baths in The Harrison and how to really enjoy your bath time ritual to the maximum.

Four poster Beds

What would Bridgerton be without the bedroom scenes in the four posters? You can spend the night in ours in our Bronte room.

Four poster bed in Bronte room

Come and have your own Bridgerton experience at The Harrison

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