How to Have The Most Indulgent Bath Ever

At The Harrison, our Aristocrat Rooms all have baths in the bedroom. It really is a wow factor when guest walk into the the room and discover that they can lie back and soak in luxury while enjoying the beautiful decor and ambience of each unique room. We have come up with ways to make sure you have the most relaxing, luxurious bath possible whether at The Harrison or at home.

  • Run the bath to a comfortable temperature warm but not too hot. Meanwhile put on your favorite relaxing music and switch your phone off.

  • Warm some thick, fluffy towels on a radiator or towel rail and have a comfy bathrobe beside the bath for when you get out.

  • Add some drops of your favorite essential oils to the bath or even add some powdered goats milk to unleash your inner Cleopatra or a bag of kelp seaweed formula to detox your body.

  • Dim the lights and switch on a lamp, fairy lights or light a candle.

  • Cleanse, tone and treat your skin to a rich face mask, we adore the Franchine Young range, an amazing multi-use Wonderbalm, handpoured locally in Belfast.

  • If you fancy it put a hair mask on while you relax

  • Read a book while bathing to unwind. At The Harrison we have a mini library.

  • Exfoliate just before you get out of the bath and rinse your hair, face and body with clean water.

  • Envelope yourself in the warm towels and pat your skin gently

  • Apply a body moisturiser all over your skin so it absorbs overnight

Drink some herbal tea to rehydrate and relax. Or if you prefer just a glass of water.

  • As a final treat to yourself spritz the pillow with lavender or your favourite scent.

  • If its your thing listen to a meditation app, finish that book or just drift off to sleep with some soft, gentle music.

You will wake up feeling refreshed, relaxed, beautiful and energized for the day ahead.

Why not try our baths at The Harrison? All our Aristocrat rooms have baths.

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